Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Installation

Supplied by Castillo Pools and installed with Kinniburgh Pools

Quality begins with the selection of the stainless steel from which our pools are made. However not all stainless steel pools are created equal. That is why we only select Castillo built pools using European certified stainless steel from which each component is created.High quality stainless steel ensures peace of mind. Stainless steel is a high performance material which will maintain its integrity even after decades of use. Castillo pools are also built to withstand variations in climate in the most challenging geological conditions.Stainless steel also has significant environmental advantages as it is a recyclable, sustainable material.Wee look forward to hearing from you

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Combine this with a moving floor and you not only have a pool room with infinite pool depth possibilities but also with the added facility to turn it into a full size normal room for parties or special functions.

With our design team we can deliver an Eco friendly solution for you with a virtually chlorine free pool for you.

Our design team can also deliver Eco friendly buildings to match your dreams.

Start with an idea then we transform it into a 3D mock up and from there to planning and building.

Once we have delivered we do not leave you there we offer a comprehensive service package for all aspects of your Pool and Spa.

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