Eco Swimming Pool INSTALLATION

Build the best and save money in the long run

Highly insulated Hybrid buildings from Glulam Solutions (Hybrid Structures)along with a total glazing package with double or triple glazed state of the art units. Factory built to our designs. Ideally suited to quick site build with the knowledge of a factory built product perfectly suited to a pool complex. Get in touch about how our eco swimming pool installation services.

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Insulated pool systems delivered by ourselves to save money, run your complete pool hall and associated equipment on less than the cost of a tank of patrol a week. From concrete to Stainless Steel highly insulated pool shells and pipework. Or choose from a wide range of one piece pools from Niveko, Riviera Pool with high levels of insulation and factory built to the highest standards or choose a more conventional panel pool insulated system.

20%- 80% less water, power, chemicals

Use less water, fewer chemicals and spend less on heating

Variable speed Pool pumps and automation geared up to use less electricity

Monitoring for piece of mind and help cut the running costs

Heating using any combination of Air or ground source heat pumps along with Biomass and Solar Panels integrated with Oil, gas or electric heating

Virtually chlorine free pools (Tap level Chlorine only)using very few chemicals for crystal clear water from Dryden Aqua using the Da-Gen system or the DAISY plus system.

Activated Filter Medium for better water quality and less or slower pump running time along with less back washing from Dryden Aqua.

Unlike the old fashioned pool builders we can deliver 21st century technology to compliment your pool and lifestyle

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