Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool Considerations

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At Kinniburgh Pools we are experts in the consultation, design and construction of domestic indoor and outdoor pools, spas, saunas, ice and steam rooms.

Our mission is to make the vision of your dream pool become a reality. We use the most innovative equipment available with a particular focus on energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

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When designing your pool there are several things to consider

First it’s important to consider the size of your pool, to give you the best possible swimming experience.

If choosing a small pool, you may be restricted for space so the addition of a swim pump or counter current machine should be considered.  This will create a current for you to swim against, improving your fitness and the quality of your swim. Counter current machines are also popular in larger pools for both the dedicated swimmer and for fun with family and friends.

An average domestic pool starts from around 10m long and between 3.5 to 5m wide. Many of our pool options are factory built solutions however we also build conventional concrete pools. Factory built pools can be installed within a few days onto a pre-prepared foundation base. This is sometimes preferable as it limits any potential delays for both the swimming pool contractor and the main site contractor.  We currently work with Niveko and Riviera Pools and within the past 12 months have installed tiled and Polystone pool options ranging from between 7m x 3.8m to 20m x 4m. We are also able to offer the option of a Stainless Steel pool solution.

Regardless of the shell chosen you are always guaranteed the best possible finish with Kinniburgh Pools.

Pools typically come in 3 main types: Skimmer, deck level (overflow) or the timeless Infinity pool.

Skimmer pools have letter box style openings in the pool wall which skim water off the top of the pool for it to be filtered and recycled back to the pool. Traditional skimmer options became unfashionable but recently they have become wider and shorter allowing the water level in the pool to be nearer to the pool surround, as shown below on this Niveko pool solution. This makes them a more stylish option than before. (Insert Niveko photo)

Deck level or overflow pools  allow the water to be at the same height as the surrounding deck area (walkway). Typically this solution has drainage channels on all four sides covered by attractive covers, allowing the water to overflow into the channel for filtration and recycling back to the pool. The overflow channels come in many forms, from PVC grating to some attractive stone or stainless steel slot solutions. This is a more expensive option to the typical skimmer pool as drainage channels need to be provided and will require additional finishing. An underground balance tank to accommodate the displaced water will also need to be included and appropriate space given in the initial planning stage.

The Infinity pool is where one or two edges of the pool cascade over the edge so when swimming you swim towards the view with no obstruction. This can work very well in indoor pools if there is nice scenery to swim towards. It has been used to great effect on some very prestigious pools on the top of hotels or built into hill sides. This solution also requires appropriate space for a balance tank.

Pool covers

A pool cover is essential if you do not want to waste a huge amount of money heating the pool as 70% of the heat is lost from the surface of the pool. A good built-in pool cover can reduce this to between 5 - 7%. There are several styles of cover but the most effective and visually pleasing are covers built into a niche in the back of the pool wall and automated for opening and closing like an electric roller blind. These systems have been around for many years now and are well proven. The covers are typically PVC or Polycarbonate slats with air trapped between them. They are available in many colours and for indoor pools a clear or semi opaque cover works well with the pool shell lighting, to create a nice effect when the pool cover is closed. (Insert pool cover images)

Many other pool cover types are available with the most common being one that looks like bubble wrap and is installed on a roller at the end of the pool to manually drag over the pool. These covers can also be pulled off and folded which is both difficult and time consuming and soon becomes waterlogged as the small bubbles burst and have to be regularly replaced. You can choose to not have a pool cover however this will be very costly as the pool dehumidification equipment will have to work continuously and will be expensive to run and maintain.


Dehumidification and pool room heating is one of the most important parts of a pool plant room and is typically handled by one unit in domestic pools. It is essential to have a properly designed ventilation system to distribute warm dry air to the pool room. The unit will extract the warm moist air from the pool room and remove the moisture by expelling it outside but will typically reuse 85% of the heat to reheat the pool and pool room. The most important function is to remove all of the damp air to protect the fabric of the building. Inefficient systems can lead to substantial building damage within as little as 5 years.

Wall mounted dehumidification units are also available but particularly in our Scottish climate they are unable to cope with the demand required and will compromise the building fabric. They are now often being refused on building warrant applications.

Pool Lighting

There are many low voltage, energy saving LED options to bring your pool alive at night. You can choose from simple white lighting or an array of colour changing options to help create a stunning pool room. We are often involved in the design of pool room sound and lighting systems as part of our remit.

Filtration and water treatment

Filtration and chemical water treatment is often an area that people spend the least on but it is by far the most important thing to consider when designing your dream pool.

Our client base typically demand extremely low Chlorine systems and we are able to offer a system that meets the stringent German DIN standards which are better than UK drinking water standards.

Kinniburgh Pools were the first Scottish pool company to adopt the Dryden Aqua integrated system (DAISY) in our pools. Dryden Aqua are Marine Biologists who developed their AFM filter media as a replacement for sand in a filter. AFM is made from recycled beer and wine bottles and is then engineered to carry a charge which gives it vastly greater filtration properties than other filter media. The higher filtration performance means that you do not need to change the media every 5 years as with sand but you can expect it to last for up to 15 years or for the life of the filter. This translates to significant cost and energy savings. The system also uses automated backwash valves and variable speed pumps which typically save up to four times the energy of conventional single speed pumps.

The DAISY system also includes the DA-Gen (Dryden Aqua generator) which is a salt hydrolysis machine. The DA-Gen produces a very small amount of organic chlorine by splitting salt molecules as occurs naturally in streams and rivers. This results in safer, healthier water for you and your family.

The DA-Gen also controls every aspect of your pool and allows you and your pool company to monitor the pool in real time through a mobile phone app, for total peace of mind.

The DAISY system is a revolutionary concept which we feel should be considered above other options.

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