Insights into Dryden Aqua Scottish Water Filtration

December 10, 2020

At Kinniburgh Pools we are always searching for the latest innovative technologies in the pool market.

Many years ago we discovered Dryden Aqua, a Scottish water filtration company whose environmentally friendly AFM filter media promised to provide exceptional swimming pool water quality. We tried it, it delivered, and the rest as they say, is history. 

Since then, Dryden have developed many other complimentary products, subsequently developing their ground breaking DAISY (Dryden Aqua Integrated System) pool water treatment system. The DAISY system promises exceptional and safe water quality with very low chlorine levels and reduced chemical, water and electricity consumption costs. 

At the heart of the system is AFM filter media. AFM (Activated Filter Media) is manufactured from recycled green and brown glass bottles. The bottles are sterilised, crushed and shaped to specific grain sizes and finally coated in Dryden Aqua’s unique activation process, a three part chemical and heat treatment, which gives AFM it’s excellent filtration properties. This process ensures that AFM removes all particles down to 1 micron and will continue to give the same performance for 10 to 15 years. This also provides significant cost savings on regular sand changes (recommended every 5-7 years).

We recommend watching this great video from Dryden Aqua which explains more about AFM. 

The next component of the DAISY system is APF (Active Poly Floc), a multi spectrum coagulant and flocculant which is twice the strength of other flocculants on the market. APF contains seven different components and works by pulling particles out of solution into larger clumps or ‘flocs’. These flocs are then easily removed by AFM during the backwash. APF, when used alongside AFM, will increase AFM’s filtration properties down to 0.1 microns. This level of filtration gives an unrivalled water clarity and because so many pollutants are removed from the water it also reduces chemical consumption making it a safer and healthy environment for you and your family.

Another unique part of the DAISY system is the chemical ACO (Active Catalytic Oxidation). ACO is only for use in outdoor pools and works by filtering the sun’s UV rays to protect the chlorine in the pool while amplifying the sun’s natural disinfection power. Once activated by the sun, ACO creates free radicals, a naturally occurring disinfectant, that dissolve organic particles in the water. ACO is a safer alternative to cyanuric acid, improves the turbidity of the water and does not create any harmful toxic by-products. 

The final part of the DAISY system is the DA-Gen (Dryden Aqua Generator), a hydrolyser that uses advanced oxidation technology to create free radicals for superior disinfection. Using a small amount of Magnesium Chloride or salt, the DA-Gen can generate free radicals and a very small amount of organic chlorine to provide residual disinfection. The DA-Gen is as close to a chlorine free pool as you can get. 

The DA-Gen also acts as a pool controller giving you control over functions such as chemical dosing, backwashing and pool lights. It can be connected to the DA-Gen app where you can monitor your pool in real time from anywhere in the World.

The whole DAISY system can be supplied as separate components or altogether on a skid mounted unit that can fit through a standard door frame which is useful if space in your plant room is limited.

We will look at each of these components in more depth in subsequent blog posts but we hope this has given you an overview of the value that the DAISY system can bring to your dream pool. Around 75% of our clients choose DAISY for their pool and the feedback is excellent. 

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