Coverseal Pool Safety Covers

December 4, 2020

Coverseal were established in 2007 with a background in industrial PVC automatic doors. After three years of research and development, Coverseal developed their PVC walk-on pool safety cover, offering one of the most reliable and safest covers, particularly for those with young families and pets.

The safety covers are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are powered by photovoltaic panels, do not require an electrical plug and they reduce water evaporation and photosynthesis.

The cover is available in either manual, semi-automatic or automatic. The cover rigidity allows it to support between 250-500kg without morphing and is stable down to -20°C so is ideal for UK winter weather.

The cover track along the edges of the pool (for example a Niveko Pool) ensure that the cover avoids any rubbing and is constantly sealed using the protection mechanism. This ensures safety for anyone immediately near the cover and also avoids accumulation of dirt and debris. 

The anti-UV tarpaulin traps solar rays to warm up the pool and keeps light away in order to reduce photosynthesis and the production of unsightly algae. It will also keep out any insects, animals, plants or other debris which can have a negative effect on the water chemistry in your pool.

Coverseal pool safety covers are designed to be minimalist and come in a range of colours to allow the pool cover to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding landscape. 

When opening or closing the pool, the covering mechanism travels along the entire pool and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools.

For more information on Coverseal pool safety covers and installation information please contact the Kinniburgh Pools team.

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